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Int'l Subsidiaries
SD Agchem (Europe) NV
Source Dynamics LLC

Source Dynamics is a Delaware LLC company established in 2005.  Solera is a subsidiary of Source Dynamics and is the marketing name under which Source Dynamics markets its products. Punjab Chemical & Crop Protection Ltd. is a shareholder in the company, through S D Agchem (Europe) NV, (it’s subsidiary company in Belgium).

Source Dynamics activities include

  • Registration of generic agrochemicals with U.S. EPA and it's member states and actively involved in the data compensation with different task force members in US

  • Import of technical products from foreign manufacturers, contract formulate, package & market the products into their final form to be used by farmers throughout the U.S

  • Sell the technical to distribution companies that formulate and package the technical under their own label.

  • Products being looked at presently are Paraquat, Tebuconazole, Pronamide, Ethofumesate, Oryzalin, Diquat, Fomesafen, Sulfentrazone, Fluroxypr, Oxyfluorfen.

  • It intends to negotiate the acquisition of some molecule still under patent protection from the original inventors of  those products.

  • You can visit us at www.solerasd.com for further information.

    Address :10039 E, Troon North Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85262, USA.
    TEl : 1-480-502-9289
    Email : sales@solerasd.com

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