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Business Units
Industrial Chemicals Division

Starting as an offshoot of Excel Industries Ltd. in 1963 as a consultancy firm with expert solutions focused in the new areas of growth and working out the feasibility of projects for the Chemical Industry, Shroff Technical Services Ltd. later entered into manufacturing activities and came to be known as STS Chemicals Ltd and now is the Industrial & Specialty Chemicals Division of Punjab Chemicals Crop Protection Ltd.

The division had established an impressive track record by providing technical know-how and engineering services to leading industrial houses in India, including projects on Monochlorobenzene, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Hydrosulfite, Aluminum Chloride, Ethylene Dichloride and Ferric Chloride. It has also been responsible for technology transfer with necessary modifications to suit the Indian environment, one of them being for the manufacture of Anti-Corrosive Chemicals (from Dinol, Sweden) to Dinol-Shroff, now known as Eftec Shroff India Ltd, a joint venture company.

The manufacturing started in 1975 with Phosphoric Acid plant, later adding Phosphorus Pentoxide, Phosphorous Trichloride, Phosphorous Oxychloride, Phosphorous Acid and various phosphates & phosphites, thus keeping Phosphorus based products as its major product portfolio. The division has three plants, located at Tarapur & two at Pune, very close to Mumbai city.

Changing with times, at the beginning on this century, the division also started adding specialty chemicals to its product portfolio, as per the needs of their regular customers and also changing world scenario. These products are either manufactured at its multipurpose plant or contract manufactured with some of its partners, under our control of process, production & quality.

With the experience and expertise now spanning over four decades, and with its commitment to quality and services, we have earned the customer's confidence in India as well as in International markets. Improving quality, developing and streamlining processes for maximizing production is an ongoing process at Punjab Chemicals. The knowledge and expertise of our research and development chemists enables us to develop and offer custom synthesized fine chemicals manufactured from few kilos to ton lot quantities. Many of the projects we undertake are under secrecy agreement.

That's not all. Come, Talk to us. And may be together we could explore newer facets in chemistry.

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